cooperation with the municipality of Zaanstad

Sustainable city cleaning in the municipality of Zaanstad

The city center of Zaandam is car-free and has adopted the A quality standard, which allows a maximum of 3 small units of litter per square meter. To meet this standard, Stints are used for street cleaning and maintenance of urban green spaces.

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Before 2015, employees had to walk several 2 km inner city routes to empty garbage bins, which could amount to over 6 km a day. This method of working required considerable physical exertion and caused high levels of absenteeism among employees.

The municipality was looking for a sustainable and multifunctional mobility solution to keep the city center clean. They looked at different options like electric trucks, but these turned out to be too large and caused nuisance to the shoppers. Besides, the driver would have to get in and out of the truck every time.

When Michiel van Zee, team leader at the municipality of Zaanstad, saw the Kids Stint driving on the street, he immediately spotted an opportunity. He approached Stint to develop a special model for street cleaning, with a special focus on the following aspects:

  • easily load and unload garbage bags
  • space for cleaning tools or personal belongings
  • option to attach cleaning installations, such as chewing gum remover
  • friendly and neat appearance

We built two prototypes, which have been thoroughly tested in practice. Based on these findings, the model was further developed. For example, a tailboard was added to the front side of the bodywork, in order to facilitate loading and unloading. Furthermore, we optimized the production method and prepared the model for serial production.

Stint Pickup
  • Developed for municipalities
  • Time efficient
  • Quick and agile

The cleaning service employees are looking back on a successful testing period. They experience lower workloads since the Stint’s introduction. Their street visibility provokes positive reactions among shoppers, which gives employees a sense of pride and enjoyment.

Easily on and off the sidewalk