A sustainable mobility solution for Strukton

From now on, they are in use at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, VDL ETG in Eindhoven and Philips Healthcare in Best: Strukton-styled Stints. The result of an exemplary collaboration between Strukton Worksphere, Stint Urban Mobility, Brover Bedrijfswageninrichting and Omnimark.

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Innovative mobility solution

Strukton Worksphere is front runner in the Netherlands in the field of realization, exploitation and management of sustainable and healthy environments.“At Strukton, we’ve deliberately chosen to employ Stints, because they represent a practical and clean mobility solution”, explains Bob Nolte, purchasing manager at Strukton Worksphere. “A solution that perfectly fits the innovation and sustainability ambitions of our clients.”

Surprising mobile equipment

One of the Stints has additionally been provided with a mobile workstation, supplied by Brover Bedrijfswageninrichting. Ivo Dekkers, commercial director at Brover, explains: “The main requirements for the equipment were flexibility, maneuverability and sustainability. Keeping in mind these three factors, we developed a mobile workstation, based on a Dynnox system combined with an Aluca layout, built into the Stint. It’s a multifunctional system on wheels that’s lightweight and weatherproof. The entire equipment, including tools and materials, is removable, which makes it easy to transport without lifting, even inside buildings. This way, maintenance work on the High Tech Campus premises can be carried out in a more practical and efficient way.

Social responsibility

“CO2 emissions need to be reduced”, says Ferry Heijdelberger, team leader Operations at Strukton Worksphere. “We try to realize our emission targets in multiple areas, whether that be our leased fleet, or in this case, the employment of Stints at client locations. Together with Brover, Stint and Terberg Leasing we’ve created an excellent mobility solution. Our clients take pride in the fact that Strukton takes visible initiatives to foster a cleaner environment. In addition to the e-bikes, e-cargo bikes and e-scooters, the Stint will be increasingly visible at our working sites.”

Eye catching

Finally, in order to catch the public eye, Omnimark took care of lettering the Stints. “No matter how big or small the object, we believe that every company deserves optimal public visibility”, says Joost Augusteijn, key account manager at Omnimark.

Watch the instructional video here: video