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The Stint is allowed on the road in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Our colleague Mattias can inform you about the possibilities for Belgium.

Frequently asked questions

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Check the Stint’s tire pressure once every month and inflate it to 4,0 bar. Driving on low tire pressure diminishes the radius of action, decreases road-holding abilities, increases power consumption and battery wear, and requires more force when steering.

You can! We are happy to come and visit you to demonstrate the Stint. Send us an e-mail at to make an appointment.

In order to extend battery life, it’s important to charge the battery every night. Do not disconnect the battery charger until the charge process has completed. The battery can be charged during the weekend without problem, it will switch off automatically. Also, never drive until the batteries run out. When you do not use the Stint for several days, we recommend to leave the Stint connected to the battery charger.

First of all, it’s important not to consider this per socket, but per fuse in the building’s fuse box. Usually, several sockets are connected to one fuse. By default, a fuse can handle up to 16 A (amperes).

Power consumption of the standard charger (SPE CBHF2 - 24-30) at peak times is 6 A. This means a maximum of 2 chargers of this type can be used per fuse.

Power consumption of the large charger (SPE GREEN - 24-50) at peak times is 7.4 A. This means a maximum of 2 chargers of this type can be used per fuse.

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