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Stint Urban Mobility

Efficient transport solutions for urban areas.

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We like to make the world a little more beautiful

In 2011 Edwin Renzen and Peter Noorlander started with the development and production of a vehicle targeted to out-of-school organizations in the Netherlands. Previously, children would be picked up from school and driven to after school centers by taxi vans, which caused hectic and confusing traffic situations around schools. Edwin, who was working as a transport coordinator at that time, thought this could and should change. He came into contact with Peter, industrial designer, and together they created a completely new vehicle: the Stint. This vehicle enables childcare workers to independently pick up children from school.

Today, more than 3000 Stints are out on the streets. We are now shifting towards other uses, like urban logistics and public works. More and more municipalities are focusing on sustainable urban development: city centers are turned into car-free zones and environmental zones are keeping out polluting trucks. Anyone with goods to transport needs to move along with these developments. The Stint shows to be a solution for an increasing amount of transportation processes.

Together with around 30 enthusiastic and committed colleagues we are working on the Stint every day. Design, production, delivery, service and maintenance: everything is done in-house. We don’t just deliver a vehicle to a client, we are taking care of mobility. Ongoing support to Stint users is obvious to us, and we will always feel responsible for every Stint out on the street. What’s being called ‘circular economy’ these days, has always been in our blood.